About Us

Camden County Partnership for Children is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit Care Management Organization (CMO). We are a non-profit agency funded by the state of NJ to arrange a variety of treatment and support services to children in our community. We coordinate services, resources and supports to children and young adults with the most complex needs that include: behavioral/emotional, intellectual/developmental and substance use. Camden County Partnership for Children works with child-family teams (CFT) to develop individualized service plans (ISP). Our goal is to keep children and young adults in their homes, their schools, and their communities.

The Role of the Care Manager (CM) – When a child enters Camden County Partnership for Children, an assigned Care Manager meets with the child and family on a monthly basis. The Care Manager begins the process of creating an inventory of the family’s strengths, needs, values, culture, and preferences so that an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) can be developed which builds upon the potentials of those involved and makes sense in the context of their specific life situations.

The Care Manager continues to meet with the family to provide support, and convenes the initial Child and Family Team meeting. S/he facilitates subsequent meetings in order to monitor the ISP, improve its effectiveness, and respond to changes in circumstances of the child and family.

Eligibility of Services

Camden County Partnership for Children serves youth who have been identified through PerformCare as having complex needs, such as: emotional/behavioral, intellectual/developmental, and substance use. Children and young adults up to age 21, involved in multiple systems, and in need of temporary intensive support due to the complexities of their specific circumstances are eligible for services once approved through PerformCare.

Please contact PerformCare


877-652-7624 or visit www.performcarenj.org