The Child Family Team is the most important ingredient to success.

The team is made up of carefully selected people who are invested in the youth’s future success, such as relatives, friends, service providers, clergy, probation officer, teachers, primary care providers, etc. The first Child and Family Team meeting will be held within 30 days of enrollment with Camden County Partnership for Children at a convenient time and location for the family.

The Care Manager works collaboratively with the youth’s Child and Family Team to create a plan of care known as the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Overall, the goal is to:

  • Develop an ISP that is child and family driven, strength based and culturally competent;
  • Utilize the strengths of the youth and family and the expertise of the team;
  • Act as a road map that includes services and supports with clear goals to measure success;
  • Enable the youth and family achieve both immediate and long-term goals across important life domains that include: safety; family; emotional/behavioral; cultural; financial; legal; educational; medical; social; recreational; spiritual and vocational.

Your Care manager will serve as your point of contact, who will reach out to as your point person to manage and coordinate services, your Care Manager will reach out to community based providers and resource partners to begin the process of coordinating services. Upcoming meetings with the Child and Family Team will be scheduled to discuss progress toward goal attainment identified in the Individual Service Plan. Modifications will be made to the plan as progress continues.


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