Family Services

Offering families in Camden County the help and care that they need.


10 Principles Of Wraparound

Camden County Partnership for Children’s ultimate objective is to develop, refine, and execute, the ISP based upon wraparound values and strength-based planning.


PerformCare is a national, full-service, behavioral health managed care organization. PerformCare connects young people and their families statewide to the care they need to be well.

The Family Support Organization

Camden County Partnership for Children works very closely with Family Partners to ensure our services are truly responsive to the needs of families.

Child and Family Team

Based on our extensive experience working with families since inception in 2004, the most important ingredient to success is the development of the Child and Family Team.

Confidentiality / HIPAA Guidelines

The HIPAA Security Rule defines standards, procedures and methods for the security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). CCPFC is committed to the protection of client information at all times.

Individualized Services Plans

Camden County Partnership for Children is not a treatment or social service program. We help families find, create and develop options that will support them while they work on solutions to their problems.

Youth & Family Guide English

Please refer to this Youth and Family Guide for information about how the Children’s
System of Care works, along with information about your rights, privacy, and useful community resources.

Youth & Family Guide Spanish

Consulte esta Guía para jóvenes y familias para obtener información sobre cómo el Children's. System of Care funciona, junto con información sobre sus derechos, privacidad y información útil.
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