• Care Manager Jen, Shout Out!

    Care Manager Jen, Shout Out!

    April 16th – 

    The parent of a youth that was previously court involved contacted us to provide an update/compliment. Prior to transition, this youth was accepted to the Youth Challenge Academy, where she has since graduated and is doing very well. The family wanted to share the good news and sent over graduation photos and gave a special thanks to their care Manager (Jen) for all her hard work… “I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for her and the many youth you help.” The youth had also submitted a quote to the Youth Challenge Academy that was displayed on a large screen at the graduation ceremony – the quote read, “She was unstoppable. Not because she didn’t have failures or doubts but because she carried on despite them.

    Great job Jen – Camden CMO is lucky to have you on the team.

  • Care Manager Bevon, Shout Out!

    Care Manager Bevon, Shout Out!

    March 18th – 

    Direct quote from a youth, “I finally feel like I have everything in order… I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Bevon… having a positive role model like my CMO worker has helped me a lot. If I needed to talk, he was there. If I ever needed advice I knew he would lead me in the right direction” this was the very first youth Bevon was linked with when he started working here 4 years ago.

    Over the years this youth had countless letdowns and numerous hurtles to overcome. With the dedication and care from Bevon, this youth had the support she needed to keep moving forward. SIDENOTE: this youth presented at a recent staff meeting and the entire staff was blown away from her story and journey and her willingness to share how Bevon changed her life. Everyday Care Managers across the state are working hard to bridge gaps and coordinate services for youth and their families. Often times this work is difficult and emotional – but its moments like this, we want to stop and truly appreciate. Bevon, Camden CMO is lucky to have you on the team.

    Thank you for all you have done for this youth and many others. #CMO stay tuned for more amazing Care Manager SHOUT OUTS!

  • Care Manager Kate, Shout Out!

    Care Manager Kate, Shout Out!

    March 12th – 

    Directly from one of our Supervisors, “Great job Kate, you took what could’ve been a dreadful situation and turned it around into such an amazing story. You have the greatness of bringing joy and being such a loving person. I’ve been here for 10 years and this place still brings so much joy to my heart especially when I see things like this.”

    BACK STORY: Kate has been working with a youth who shared that he has never had a birthday celebration or gifts. He has very little family involvement and currently lives in an out of home treatment setting. Kate made this youth’s 12th birthday a success and one he will probably remember for years to come. She reached out to Agency staff asking for any items they might have to donate for gifts. The outpouring was tremendous and Kate ended up with money and gifts to make this birthday special. This young man is a huge basketball fan so the Community Resource Director, April, also reached out to the Philadelphia 76ers and secured free tickets to a game.

    The day before his birthday started off with a meet and greet (and acceptance) into a new program in a home setting, followed by a cake that Kate made herself and ended with the 76ers game. The next day, his birthday, Kate spent the entire day with him, not because she had to, but because she knew how much it would mean to him. They went to lunch using one of the gift cards that was generously donated, then out shopping and to get his hair done with the money that was collected.

    Kate, Camden CMO is lucky to have you on our team. Thank you for your constant dedication and willingness to go the extra mile. This shout out is a big one!

  • Care Manager Meghan, Shout Out!

    Care Manager Meghan Shout Out! 

    February 26th –

    A quote from a parent for one of our youth… “she is such a different girl, thank you Meghan for helping me get my baby girl back!