Camden County Partnership for Children CMO is focused on serving children and adolescents with complex needs that include: emotional/behavioral, intellectual/developmental, and substance use. Traditionally, services available to these children and young adults have been directed by the door through which they entered the system. Mental health, DCP & P, juvenile justice, education, developmental disabilities and substance abuse often have different sources of funding and varying levels of services. Few in-home community services and supports have been accessible or identified.

Camden County Partnership for Children CMO is designed to help provide a broad array of formal and informal supports and services for these children and young adults. The services are community based and individually tailored, they are flexible and outcome based and services, management and decision making responsibilities rest at the community level.

Camden County Partnership for Children CMO is the Care Management Organization designated to innovate and implement approaches to a wide array of effective community and grass roots services and service delivery. Our philosophy is that service plan development for children with complex needs is an interactive process and a collaborative effort between the family, child and community providers. Service planning is based upon the “wraparound process”, which recognizes and builds on the strength of the family and community to devise strategies that help children lead lives as normal as possible.

We believe that the most effective supports and services are delivered in the community.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to join our resource network or to learn more about the work of Camden County Partnership for Children,
Please contact the Community Resource Director at (856) 482-6222 x 148